"Your training determines your future."
Coach Bill Renner

How Do You Know When You Need a Lesson

1) Your confidence wanes.

2) Your accuracy declines.

3) Your production slides.


Bill Renner

Coach Bill Renner Is a Football Position Skills Coach, Football Coaching Consultant, Football Coaching Books Author, NFL Alumni, and has over 35 Years Of Football Coaching and 17 Years of Playing Experience.


Coach Bill Renner Resides in Chapel Hill, NC, Where He Coaches and Trains Committed Athletes...


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"Experts practice differently and far more strategically. When they fail, they don’t blame it on luck or themselves. They have a strategy they can fix."

Barry Zimmerman,

Professor of Psychology
City University of NY

What is “working harder”? – “It is having a training regime that has the right drills that will produce the right techniques which are needed to successfully perform at a skill level TO REACH ONE'S FULL POTENTIAL.”

Coach Bill Renner

What matters most is not what you accomplish; it is who you become.

John Ortberg 

The inability to tough it out during competition often springs from a history of either too much or not enough emotional stress.

Dr. James Loehr
page 56, Toughness Training

Deep practice, ignition (passion), and master coaching – the three basic elements of the talent code. Each element is useful on its own, but their convergence is the key to creating skill. Combine them, even for six minutes, and things begin to change.

Daniel Coyle
Introduction pg 7, The Talent Code