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Training Thoughts

What is working harder?   It is having a training regime that has the right drills that will produce the right techniques which are needed to successfully perform at a skill level which will lead to victory.

Coach Bill Renner

Learning to control fear takes lots of practice. It is the greatest challenge of competitive sport.

Dr. James Loehr, page 54, Toughness Training

Every success story involves someone or some group working harder than their peers.

Malcolm Gladwell, page. 239, Outliers

The inability to tough it out during competition often springs from a history of either too much or not enough emotional stress.  

Dr. James Loehr, page 56, Toughness Training

Deep practice, ignition (passion), and master coaching – the three basic elements of the talent code. Each element is useful on its own, but their convergence is the key to creating skill. Combine them, even for six minutes, and things begin to change.

Daniel Coyle, Introduction pg 7, The Talent Code

Experts practice differently and far more strategically. When they fail, they don’t blame it on luck or themselves. They have a strategy they can fix.

Barry Zimmerman, Professor of Psychology, City University of NY

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