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Off-Season Leadership Role 

Principle 1

Praise and compliment a teammate every day.

For what? ….effort, execution, new lift amount, being there to get better, working hard, doing good in a class, etc.; this shows you care about them



Principle 2

Monitor the intensity and focus level of the squad at workouts.

How?  Give your teammates reminders like:

  • “beat (rival HS name)”,

“remember last year:

  • “we lost to (team) by (3) points”

  • “we missed the playoffs”

  • “we lost our (rivals) for the (#) straight year

  • “we let (team) come back to beat us”…”never again”



Principle 3

Be the breakdown leader at the end of each workout/practice.

When? …at the end of the workout start clapping and call everyone in to a circle

…. say something positive about the workout and everyone’s effort

“way to work hard today boys”

“(opposing team) didn’t outwork us today boys”

“we are getting better boys, one workout at a time”

“great job getting after it today boys”

….then give them a word to break it down on “pride”, “discipline”, or

use the team mascot name, or use whatever your coach uses



Principle 4

Encourage teammates during school.

Who?….any football player you see in the hall make sure you say “what’s up to”

….know the names of all the players on the team, especially the younger players

.…acknowledge every teammate no matter their level they played last year

wherever and whenever you see them around school; dab them up, say

“what’s up” or do something to let them know they mean something to you



Principle 5

Organize throwing sessions on the weekend.

How?….get the names, cell phone numbers and emails of all your receivers and

running backs and put them in your cell phone as a group list …. establish a common time you want to throw on Sunday’s then text them the

night before and one hour before the scheduled time to remind them to come

“get better”

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