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5 Wide Attack Offense Playbook


Coaching the 3×2 Empty Formation


 2 x 2 Spread Offense Playbook












3 x 1 No Tight End Spread Offense Playbook












Pass Route Combinations of the 5 Wide Offense:  The Nine Core Pass Plays

  Pass Protection from No Tight End Formations: 

Protecting the Quarterback in Spread Formations


How to Coach the Football Counter Running Play: 

Teaching Offensive Line, Quarterback and Running Back Details

to Execute Against Multiple Fronts











Communicating Plays in a No Huddle Offense Using Numbers: 

A Simple Comprehensive Plan that Won’t Be Decoded


How to Call Football Pass Plays to attack Defensive Backs and Linebackers Technique:  Play Calling Principles and Pass Route Schemes versus Defender’s Techniques


Using Offensive Formations to Dictate Defensive Alignment:  Manipulating the

4-2-4, 4-3, 3-4, and Bear Defenses with No Tight End and Tight End Formations


Controlling and Beating Football Defensive Blitz:

Using Formations, a Short Passing Game and Two Run Schemes



7 Principles for Coaching Offense that will

Enable Your Offense to Score Consistently

 Practicing to Improve Your High School Passing Game: 

Implementing an Effective Practice Plan To Improve Throwing and Catching Skills


Offense Situation Football: 

Last Drive, No Timeouts, 80 Yards to Go For A Score


 Teaching Quarterback Footwork Timing with Receiver Route Footwork

for a Consistent Passing Offense:  

Get the Ball Out on Time, In Rhythm and Neutralize Pass Defenders and Blitzes


How to Coach the Football Inside Zone Running Play


 How to Read a Football Defense: 

Understanding Alignments and Assignments for a Football Defense


 How to Be a High School Football Offensive Coordinator: 

The Most Important Position in Football




How to Call Football Pass Plays to Attack Defensive Backs and Linebackers Technique:  Play Calling Principles and Pass Route Schemes versus Defender's Techniques

What to Know to Be an Effective High School Offensive Play Caller:

How to Prepare and Gather




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