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Coach Bill Renner's
7 Core SUCCESS Principles

        Every time you play or practice, evaluate yourself using 

these 7 traits.  You will discover an area you could have done better

in as being the reason for your performance not being your best.

Also, use these 7 traits to judge your performance. Not the worlds or media standards.

Doing these makes you a SUCCESS, not being an All-American,

scoring the winning touchdown, or winning the game.

Principle 1
Give our BEST EFFORT….1 play at a time….1 repetition at a time….
1 class at a time…1 day at a time….
Principle 2
Give our TOTAL FOCUS to the task at hand.
Principle 3
Be AGGRESSIVE and INTENSE on every drill, repetition, play,
or task we do.
Principle 4
Do everything with TOTAL CONFIDENCE, believe in yourself.
Principle 5
Be OBEDIENT and COMMITTTED to what the football program asks
you to do.
Principle 6
T.E.D…..use proper TECHNIQUE, give maximal EFFORT and be
DETERMINED to fight until you win
Principle 7
TEAM, me.
The team is bigger than me.


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