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Why Kickers and Punters

Need A Training Program

– The Kicker’s and Punter’s Dilemma –

There are two positions in football that have not been the benefactors of the expert coaching and training that the other positions have been afforded.  Left to their own for development, the persons performing these positions have become misused and misunderstood which has led to their mishandling.  This is not a recent phenomenon.  It has been this way since the game was first started.

Why is it this way?  Because the nature of the skill of the game is one of brute force while the nature of their skill within the game is not.  The game is coached, trained and played with the concept that it always comes down to brute force to be successful.  An imposing of the will upon the opponent leads to the victory of execution.  Yet, for this position imposing of the will is not of the essence because will cannot be imposed on an inanimate object.  It is a matter of skillful execution, a fine motor skill, executed with a precise mindset that enables victory over an inanimate object, not brute force.

Brute force is a tactic and can be successfully

used when the opponent is human.  When used

versus an inanimate object brute force becomes

 the opponent not the enabler.  It is reversed.  

This is why these positions are misused,

misunderstood and mishandled.  The very thing

that requires the brute force athlete to be

successful is the main opponent for the fine

motor skill athlete to be successfully.   This is why the brute force athlete cannot understand the fine motor skill athlete and does not like the fact that at some point he relies on the fine motor skill athlete for his victory….a game winning kick.

So what can assist the fine motor skill athlete in surviving and thriving in this conflicting environment?  He cannot make it his goal to change the brute force concept that surrounds him or his performance will suffer.  The answer is that he must perform his skill with consistency and effectiveness to dissuade any misinformed thoughts regarding his fine motor skill position existence amongst the brute force mind set.   Once his performance becomes inconsistent or ineffective he becomes susceptible to being dismissed for these reasons.  He will not be coached or trained to be better, he will be dismissed.

                                                     Is this a fair method of handling such coaching and

                                                     training issues, should he not be coached to be

                                                     better instead of discarded like old shoe leather. 

                                                     Yes, but the coaches and persons handling such

                                                     matters have been trained to coach brute force

                                                     tactics and not fine motor skill tactics.  It is not

                                                      their fault.  It is the fine motor skill athlete who

                                                     must understand the situation he is in and actually see that it is to his advantage, advantage?  How?

The lack of knowledge of how to coach and train the fine motor skill athlete in his environment frees the fine motor skill athlete to coach and train himself and liberates him from the brute force training.  But, if he does not do the proper training to reach or maintain a level of proficiency required by his head coach and team then he imprisons himself in this position of conflict – brute force decisions, getting cut, replaced or moved to second team, being used to fix fine motor skill problems.  While it does not work, it is what it is.

The fine motor skill athlete’s challenge then is to learn to train himself to perform at a high level, or to find someone who understands, or has “been there done that”, or has the training expertise and learn from him, Bill Renner Football punting and kicking training has all of this experience.

Coach Bill Renner has been as a player in this environment on both sides, the brute force side, running back/defensive end (HS and College), and the fine motor skill side, punter/kicker (HS, College, Professional), and understands, physically and mentally, how to handle it.  He has been a football coach for over 30 years so he understands the coach’s position in this matter also.  He has the requisite expertise to enable you to become and maintain your best!

This is what the Bill Renner Football training programs reflect.

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