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Announcement from Coach REnner

January 25, 2024

After 30+ years of coaching and another 14 years
of doing individual and group training of athletes... 

Coach Renner is announcing he will not be doing any more on the field training sessions.

Coach Renner has created videos and written books detailing his quarterback, kicking, and punting training program and techniques.

You can use those for your training and it will be
like having Coach Renner train you.

You can find those on this web site under the 
"Position Drill Videos" and "Coaching Books" tabs.

Coach Renner is very appreciative of the interest
he has received for personal training.

He wants you to know that you don't need him personally, you can follow his training from the videos and books and still reach your full potential.

Because it is all about your GRIT
...pride, passion, and discipline to be your BEST!

The information is there...follow it and be relentless in your pursuit of your best and it will happen!

All the best,

Coach Bill Renner
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