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Location, trajectory and Velocity (LTV) Route Throw Descriptions

LTV Route Throw Descriptions.jpg
Ball Flight Trajectories.jpg
1.1 Slant LTV.jpg
1.2 Hitch and Whip LTV.jpg
1.3 Seam LTV.jpg
1.4 Quick and Bubble Screen LTV.jpg
1.5 Fade EZ LTV.jpg
1.6 Fade EZ 2 LTV.jpg
1.7 Fade Press Man LTV.jpg
1.8 Fade Topside DB LTV.jpg
1.9 Seam Takeoff LTV.jpg
1.91 Skinny Post LTV.jpg
1.92 Post Over the Top LTV.jpg
1.93 Post Home Run LTV.jpg
1.94 Corner Hole Throw LTV.jpg
1.95 Corner Over the Top LTV.jpg
1.96 Curl or In LTV.jpg
1.97 Comeback LT.jpg
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