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Player and Parent testimonial


From Edu Sabino, Quarterback, Brazil Football

Thanks Coach. I bought your book today and started reading it.  I got so much better as a QB since Isent you an email 1 year ago. I work hard every day, and when I win my first MVP pride here in Brazil I'll let you know.  Best regards. 

Edu Sabino


From Coach Jeremiah May, Special Teams Coach, Port Huron HS, Huron, MI

Love your books - by the way. The statement at the beginning of them boosted my confidence to go out there and help the team. I was the film guy, coordinated all of our business ends of the team, and saw our kickers never getting help. Realized we lost games by a few points and some of them were missed PATs.

I just saw that was a need I could fill. Thanks!  Jeremiah


From Karl Kincheon, father of Kam Kincheon, senior Quarterback at CE King HS, Houston, TX, 2019 Season

Hey Coach, I hope the name rings a bell. I purchased your books several years back and still use them til today. My son Kam is now a Jr. At 5'11" he didn't have the huge D1's knocking his door down but with a stellar academic record schools like Yale, RPI, Rose-Hulman, Carnegie Mellon and two service academies have. We used all your books AND built the throwing targets (4). He is still a work in progress but I owe a lot of his success to you. I thank you very much. As of today he has committed to the US Merchant Marine Academy. For him they offer a great academic foundation, a career beyond football and above all they WANT him as their QB of the future. Thanks again! Karl


From Jonathan Hines, father of David Hines, junior Quarterback at Southern Alamance HS, Alamance, NC, 2020 Winter QB Class

Just wanted to say thanks again for everything with David. He is still doing the daily mechanics work. He really bought into it. Every throwing session see's less and less "oops."  Coach Hines


From Rodney Brown, father of Aiden Brown, rising 9th grade Quarterback at West Brunswick HS, Brunswick, NC, 2020 Winter QB Class

Hey Coach.  I just wanted to say thank you for your work with Aiden this winter.  He really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  He was throwing with the OC at the high school yesterday and threw one long ball 40 yards.  That was about 8 yards further than he threw before his work with you.   Stood up tall and threw instead of heaving.  Your program has really helped.  I hope we can get back with you in the future.  Rodney


From Kelvin Hawkins, father of Kyle Hawkins, Freshman Quarterback at Ravenscroft HS, Raleigh, NC

Yeah, its only freshman year but we put a highlight reel together


From Kendal Harrel, father of Jared Harrell, Sophomore Quarterback at Panther Creek HS, Raleigh, NC, 2019 Season

Here are Jared's highlights from this season. Thanks again for your work with him.

Jared Harrell Sophomore Football Highlights


From Kenny Raynor, father of Blake Raynor, Senior Quarterback at Princeton HS, Princeton, NC, 2019 Season

What i'm writing about is not just the football knowledge he gained from you, but how you develop leaders. This year Blake has been the unquestioned leader for this team using lessons learned while training with you. These are the most important things you teach because these are life lessons. For this I can not thank you enough. Again thank you for all you have done for Blake through the years. Kenny 


From Kendal Harrel, father of Jared Harrell, Sophomore Quarterback at Panther Creek HS, Raleigh, NC, 2019 Season

Hi Coach, Thanks for working with Jared last weekend. He played well in the JV game last night and will be dressing for varsity tonight. Panther Creek JV beat Athens Drive 51-6. Jared was 9 of 10 for 185 yards passing in 3 quarters of play. He also had 5 runs for 68 yards.  Kendal


From Mark Shaw, father of John Mark Shaw, Freshman Quarterback at Sandhill Titans, Fayetteville, NC, 2019 Season

Here are his mid-season highlights.  He is currently (in MaxPreps) number 1 in the nation for TDs among Freshman and number 2 in passing yards.  He is number 5 in North Carolina in yards per game.  Not too shabby in the BRF 5 wide!  Mark


From Jeff Cannon, father of Wyatt Cannon, 8th grade Quarterback at Leesville Road Middle School, Raleigh NC, 2019


Hi Coach.   Just wanted to let you know that Wyatt had great start to season on Thursday.   Started season with huge game and completed game winner w 3 seconds left in game.   We were playing a kid that was 6' 4" and 230 pounds as running back.   Could not stop him all day.  We got a stop at end of game and Wyatt took down the field in a minute to win game.  We could not run any so had to depend on the passing game.   He had great numbers ending up with 395 yards.   Only 8 minute quarters so were not long quarters.  


What you would have loved those was his leadership.  The first two possessions his receivers fumbled on the first play of the drive.   He went over to each one and told them "no problem, we got this"   He was so positive whole game and picking his team up.   You could see his moxy the whole game vibing through his team.   We were never stopped on offense rest of game.  


Appreciate all you have done for him along with the leadership which makes all the difference.   I have attached the highlights for you only since still in middle of season.  Thanks.  Jeff


From Woody Atkinson, father of Braden Atkinson, 7th Grade QB, from Raleigh, NC, 2019


Good morning coach.  Thought you  might like to see this.  Braden had a great season in 7 on 7.  His team went 8-0.  For the Season he threw 49 Touchdowns and 4 Interceptions.  Several people complemented him on his technique and his vision and asked who he worked with (we gave them your name).  We did see that he got a little lazy on his drop backs but other then that he did really well.    

Woody Atkinson


From Jeff Stonebraker, father of Josh Stonebraker, 10-year old Quarterback from Raleigh, NC, 2019 


Hi Coach, Thank you! This class has taken training to the next level, very exciting.  Thanks again!  



From Matt Preddice, father of Matthew Preddice, QB, 7th Grade, Heritage Middle School, Raleigh, NC, 2018 Winter QB Training Class


Just wanted to let you know, I thought your talk/notes yesterday were great. Not only for the kids, but as a father, coach, husband they are all good things to keep us all grounded.

Matthew does really well in school with very little effort and it’s great to hear from someone other than his parents that failure is not only “ok”, but it’s actually an important part of life. I looked at starting QBs from last year and probably 50% of them jump out as guys that had to overcome obstacles of going to small schools, or being passed over, or being too small, or sitting in college (or the NFL). It’s amazing how almost w/o fail the best guys in the NFL had a difficult path.

Thanks again for everything you do. Matthew really respects you and my wife and I appreciate the life lessons you provide him (and the other kids)

Matt Preddice


From Joey Yokeley, father of Josh Yokeley, QB, 8th Grade, North Davidson Middle School, Lexington, NC, 2017 Season

Coach Renner,

Just wanted to send a thank you for the work you did last winter and spring with Josh.  His middle school team went undefeated this year and Josh played very well.  More than anything, he was confident in himself knowing he had trained well.

We look forward to being back this winter and spring hopefully.  Please keep us informed of all the opportunities that might benefit him!



Brendan Huss, QB, Orange HS, Game Write-up in 2017 Season



Award for Henry Atkeson, Punter, Amherst College, 2017 Season


————————————————————————————————————-Hello Coach Renner,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to put this (QB ball flight error technique correction sheet) together for me. It should help me teach our young guys how to throw properly. I have already seen real improvement with them from teaching them what I’ve learned from you and this should fix the rest. You should have seen their faces when I gave them their stride sticks. They laughed at first but then when shown how to use it things started clicking for them. Even other coaches are noticing the improvement.

Thanks again,

Scott Rigsby

————————————————————————————————————From Woody Atkinson, father of Braden Atkinson, 11-year old QB, Wake Forest, NC

Good afternoon Coach Renner!

I hope this email finds you well, and you are having a good summer.I wanted to thank you again for all of your guidance and instruction with Braden. He has continued to work on all the drills you taught him and his progress is evident.

This spring Braden’s flag team had another great season. They were undefeated all season going all the way to the semifinals. His 7 on 7 team was 6-1, earning him a spot on the area All Star team.

This Summer Braden attended his first regional football camp where he earned an invitation to their National QB competition. At the NFA Duel, Braden took home first place based on the points he accumulated along with a series of timed skill tests against other 5th Grade QBs from across the country.

We are now looking forward to Fall, and have decided to return to tackle. Braden will be playing with the Wake Forest Titans Pop Warner team. In preparation, we would like to schedule another session with you to review his throwing mechanics and evaluate what he needs to work on as he continues thru the tackle season. We would also like to participate in your next off season group sessions.

Please let me know when you would be available.

Thank you,



From Max Yates, QB, Union Pines HS, Cameron, NC, Salve Regina University, July 21, 2017


This is Max Yates, I hope you remember me from a couple of years back, I was probably the skinniest high school player you ever coached. I just wanted to get in contact with you to once again thank you for all the help my Junior, Senior and Freshman year of college. You gave me confidence and believed in me and I will always cherish those Saturday and Sunday throwing sessions. I have stopped playing, financing a private school was a lot with only an academic scholarship and also I didn’t want to drain my parents because my little brother is up next, so I decided to transfer and now just a student at Texas State. However, my dad is stationed in Lakenheath, England as a base commander and I volunteer coaching for the high school working with the Quarterbacks. Everything you taught me I try to reciprocate, of course always giving credit to you.

Every Quarterback should have a coach who cares and believes in them, just like I had.

Thanks again Coach Renner. The Yates family sends its best wishes to you and your family.



From Coach Erica Vinson-Ondecko, Special Teams Coach, Waynesboro Area School District, Waynesboro, PA

Last year, I touched based with you about my holder.  I was looking for advice about how to improve his ability to hold the ball more consistently, without letting go of it.  You gave me some great advice.  It worked out really well!

I really appreciate your help.  I started coaching 4 years ago.  At that time, we were barely going for extra points and the QB would punt (and he never practiced punting!).  After a ton of practice, and finding the right athletes, we now have strong kickers at all levels, Freshman, JV and Varsity, who have taken over all kicking duties.  Your advice always points me in the right direction, and it helps me to set my athletes up for success.  I’m getting a much better handle on the college recruiting process for kickers, which helps tremendously as my kickers’ dedication is paying off and they continue to improve. 


Thank you for all of your help!!

Coach V


From Kellie Loomis, mother of William Loomis, rising 9th grade QB, Cary HS, Cary, NC….2017 Spring QB Game Skills Class

Thanks Coach Renner! We really appreciate your effort you put into the QB sessions. William has learned and improved a lot because of it.

Kellie Loomis, Owner/Instructor

Blue Sky Pilates, LLC


From Matt Preddice, father of Matthew Preddice, rising 7th grade QB, Wake Forest, NC…and coach of NYFO 13U 7 on 7 team.

We had our first 7on7 practice TU the kids that were at D1 were like coaches out there. They literally lead new kids through WR drills w/o needing my direction and lined right up and got right into SHOWS and combo routes. It was a pleasure being out there with them.

Thank you!!

Matt Preddice

Note:  Coach Renner and Coach Disher worked with Matt’s 7 on 7 NYFO 13U team twice a month from January through March.  They did QB and WR drills and installed Coach Renner’s passing offense.


From Jeff Cannon, father of Wyatt Cannon, rising 6th grade QB, Raleigh, NC…2017 QB Winter Training Class Coach.  


Hi.  Thanks for a great winter session with Wyatt.   He made some huge improvements in 3 months.  I was warming up with him on Sunday and I could not believe the difference in his mechanics from the start in early Jan.

FYI:  We were out last night practicing baseball and I asked him what that was in his pocket.  It was his coin.  Said he is going to take it everywhere with him.  He really listened well to your message.  

Jeff Cannon


From Scott McClendon, father of Witt McClendon….rising 8th grader at West Millbrook Middle School, Raleigh, NC…2017 QB Winter Training Class

Coach Renner

I just wanted to thank you personally for the time and energy you put into developing these young men over the past 3 months. I was impressed with your knowledge of the game but more so of the expectations you put on these boys about character both on and off the field.  I thought the last 15 minutes of class was the most important part and I sure hope some of that soaked into his head and heart.

Scott McClendon


From Woody Atkinson, father of Braden Atkinson….10-year old QB in North Carolina, 2016 Season


Good afternoon.  I hope you and your family are doing well.

I just wanted to let you know Braden had a great year in football.  His team finished 7-0 for the season in which he threw 19 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.  After the season they earned the number one ranking out of four leagues.  They played two playoff games.  Won first game 28-0 and the second 32-6.  This earned us a trip to the championship game which they won 20-0.  In those 3 games Braden threw 11 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.  Over the course of the season and playoff run he also threw 13 (2pt) conversions.

He looked good with his upper body and vision.  He still needs to work on his footwork.

Thank you for all your help.


————————————————————————————————————From Eric Smith-Breeden, father of Josh Smith-Breeden….OL at Orange HS, Hillsborough, NC…Class of 2017

Hi Coach,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that your healing process and rehab continues to go well!  I know you would prefer to be up and about helping kids get better so good luck getting back out to the field!

I just wanted to drop you a big THANK YOU for everything you did for Josh.  It all came at a time when he really needed the skill improvement, but also needed that huge confidence boost you gave him.  It’s sad that they finished up on Friday night against Havelock, but we have you to thank for helping him get to where he could really help the team.  He was the only O Lineman that played in every game for Orange this year and going undefeated while setting school records was nice icing on the cake.  Very memorable year!

I’ve passed along your contact information to another Orange kid (Cameron Daniels).  He’s the JV center and dressed through the playoffs.  He’s got good size and could very well start on varsity next season given the depth issues we had this year (all OL was seniors).  I know his dad wants to work on his long snapping too so I would expect him to contact you.

Anyway, thanks again and we’ll hope to see you soon!  You’re the best!



From Alan S. Kornspan, Ed.D., Professor, School of Sport Science and Wellness Education at the University of Akron…..August 2016

Mr. Renner,

Hi, my name is Al Kornspan, I am a professor in the School of Sport Science and Wellness Education at the University of Akron. As a professor I coordinate our graduate program in pe: Sport Science/Coaching. I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed studying the excellent books and videos on punting and kicking the football that you have written and produced. I have learned a lot from these excellent coaching football resources.


Al Kornspan

From Jeff Cannon, father of Wyatt Cannon…QB age 11, Raleigh, NC

Hi Coach. Hope things are going well for you. Wyatt has been working hard on the drills / routine you gave us. He was sick the week after we met so he has been going at it past couple weeks. We are out town next week but we are back from July 1st on. Are you around the week of the 4th or the next week? We would like to meet up with you in early July.

He was excited last week. They had their playoffs for flag football and he threw a TD on a hard blitz. He ran over and said did you see me use QB Drop Run Drill. 

Jeff Cannon


From Kevin Shortridge, father of Brennan Shortridge….Freshman, QB at Jack Britt High School…Fayettteville, NC….Class of 2019…June 6, 2016


I have to email you a big thank you! Even though we have not been able to work with you as much as we would like to over the past 6 months, Brennan has continued your training program. It paid off Saturday at the first prospect camp of the season. He was one of three rising sophomores but he killed it! His mechanics, thanks to you, were on so on point he was used to demonstrate both top of the drop stance and 3 step drop. He also won the accuracy contest by 15 points. I know that was due to the fact we built the target you use and he practices on it. He was the only QB pulled to the side afterwards by the QB coach and talked to. This was a big day for him because he got to see what can happen if you work hard and train right. We will get our summer schedule for his head coach and I will email you to see when we can train again. Thank you for not only proper training in a one on one setting, but also for sending my son home with the perfect training regimen. You are a great influence and coach in his life. Thank you!

Kevin Shortridge,


From David Gerber…father of Brater Gerber….Senior, QB at East Chapel Hill HS…Chapel Hill, NC…..February 2016

Kudos to your great coaching and inspiration. You make a genuine impact in these boys lives and that is a special talent.


ESPN Article on Coach Renner and Nick Weiler....kicker, University of North Carolina...Chapel Hill, NC (2015)

From Susan Vick….mother of Clay Vick, Quarterback, Leesville Road, Raleigh NC (2015)

Coach Renner,

I wanted to let you know that Clay passed for 659 yards and 5 TDs against Panther Creek this year, making him NC’s second all-time leading passer in a single game behind Connor Mitch. Clay would have overtaken Mitch in the game but for two additional TDs called back for penalties. The NCSHAA record book has been updated for 2015 and reflects this accomplishment.

Clay also threw for over 500 yards and 6 TDs against JH Rose. Clay was injured and out after that game, but based on his accumulated stats for his first three games remained the leading passer in yards per game for the area throughout the season — despite not playing seven games. Clay was invited to three D1 schools this fall for visits and has received solid scholarship offers at Dll and Dlll schools so far this fall. We appreciate you preparing Clay for this step in his life. The yardage and football IQ would not be there but for you.

Susan Vick


From Lisa Harris….mother of Walker Harris….8th grad Quarterback….Raleigh, NC (2015)

@_walkerharris_ throwing a nice TD at the 2015 Turkey Bowl. More to come! @bill_renner404 @CoachDWash20 @QBHitList
From Ranchor Harris….father of Dylan Harris….Quarterback, Ravenscroft School….Raleigh, NC (2015)

Coach, I thought I would pass on that Dylan started last night for the varsity. I had his stats as 12-17 220 3 TDs 0 ints. In a winning effort over Granville Central 31-21. He was very happy and we are extremely grateful for all you have done for Dylan. I will keep you updated on the rest of the year and we look forward to seeing you after the season if not before.

All my best


From Jackson Schmid….Quarterback, Orange HS…Hillsborough, NC (2015)

Hey coach, just thought I would let you know we won last night 48-0 against Northern Vance. I had 3 passing TD’s and 1 rushing. Finally felt comfortable after the knee injury. Hope all is well!

Here is the link to the game


From Ray Jones…Granfather of Amir Jones….Kicker, Hillside HS…Durham, NC (2015)

Coach, we really appreciate all that you did to help Amir get to this point. Glad that you were at the game to critique his kicking.

We are very proud of Amir’s kicking to this point and hope that he will continue to improve and that you will continue to work with him.

Thanks, for everything.

C. Ray Jones


From Justin Armwood….Junior, Quarterback….Blue Ridge School, St George, VA (2015)

Good evening Mr. Renner

I hope this email finds you and your family to be doing well. I appreciate the offer to attend your Winter QB College Prep session but unfortunately I will not be able to attend since I am now attending Blue Ridge School in St.George VA. I would like to share an article that just came out in a VA magazine referencing me up at my new school ( Blue Ridge). (Page 14,15, 16)


Justin Armwood


From Jeffrey Clark…father of 10-year old Connor Clark…Quarterback…..North Raleigh Bulldogs Pop Warner (2015)

Just wrapped up his 5th grade season with the North Raleigh Bulldogs (Pop Warner).


From Brater Gerber…..rising 11th Quarterback….East Chapel Hill HS, Chapel Hill, NC (2015)

Dear Coach Renner,

I have been attending several college camps this summer. At all of the camps we have done drop back drills down a line for ten yards or more and the coaches have consistently complimented my technique like having my left shoulder open and having the ball in good placement. I have also thrown very well at two camps in particular. I just came back from a Vanderbilt skills camp and I only had one incompletion which was because of pass interference and the coaches said I placed the ball in the best place I could. Also at the Duke camp I threw very well with only a couple incompletions. I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have given me these past couple years and I hope you have a good Father’s Day.

Sincerely, Brater Gerber


From Stephen Fabian….Kicker, University of Alberta, Canada (2015)

Hey Coach.

First off, I just want to say thank you for everything you taught me over those few days in NC. You truly opened my eyes to the art that kicking is, and some of the fragments of what it takes to be great. I’ve been working hard to perfect the skills you taught me, both physically and mentally.

There was so much that you taught me not just in football but in many aspects of life as well. And needless to say, they have changed my life for the better.

Just to give you an update, I was selected for Team West for this year’s Canadian East/West Bowl in the beginning of May. I’ve never felt more prepared for an event in my entire life. I’m more consistent than I’ve ever been and I’ve gained over 10 lbs since seeing you last. I just hit another PB on box squat today;145 lbs heavier than when I saw you. It all started with developing my mindset. I’ve got tons to learn still, but again, I just wanted to thank you for getting the ball rolling in the right direction.

Tons of respect for you Coach, and I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Stephen Fabian


From Bob Vestal, father of Devin Hestal…..10th grade Kicker….Elmira HS, Elmira, OR (2015)

Mr Renner,

Hello,  my name is Bob Vestal.  I would like to thank you for the video you posted on youtube called “How to kick a football the proper way to start”‘.  My son Devin has been kicking since he started football back in the 5th grade.  He made his first (in game) field goal of 29 yards in the 6th grade.  He just finished his Sophomore season earning First Team All League Kicker and Second Team Punter!  I have studied and viewed thousands of video’s, book’s, camps, ect. on the aspects of kicking and this one short 3:07 video changed EVERYTHING!  We dropped the football and started using your three drills without the ball and over a short time the power and accuracy jumped an easy 20 to 30 percent.  We also dropped the “jab” step and shifted to an upright two step approach (almost exact to your kicker James in this video).  Here is a link to some game footage so you can see it is just like  in your video.  The last field goal in this clip was from 42 yards and it cleared by a mile!


Thank you again for your dedication to the art of kicking a football!  You make a difference!!!

Bob Vestal


From Dean Houpe, father of Tate Houpe…..10th grade QB…..East Rowan HS, Salisbury, NC (2014)

Tate just ended his sophomore season last Thursday night and it was a solid season where he improved in every statistical category. But, I think the culmination and validation of his development, so far, was receiving an invitation to play in the NUC All American Games Performance Week for Sophomores the same day. We feel privileged to have found you and to have the opportunity to work with you. Tate has progressed well, but we know he has to continue to work hard to continue his development and look forward to spring and summer workouts. So, please, keep a spot open for him.


From Lt Col Donn Yates, 334th Fighter Squadron, father of Max Yates….12th grade QB….Union Pines HS, Cameron, NC (2014)

Thanks for all you do and thanks for the great program you have. It was worth every dime. I wish we could have done more. Thanks for the impact you are having and have had on young men. You have done the noblest of jobs, and my hat is off to you always. All the best.


From Al James, father of Chris James….9th grade QB…..Wake Forest HS, Wake Forest, NC (2014)

Coaches at summer football camps wanted to know who he had been working with because it was obvious that he had extra coaching. He was happy to tell them Bill Renner. Chris is looking forward to the winter and spring workouts with you, so keep us posted and save him a slot.  Thanks for your investment in Chris. Thanks for coaching him on QB skills but thanks also for reinforcing the life skills and character development. His football playing days will end one day but the need for life skills and character will remain.


From Bill Butts, father of Joe Butts……10th grade QB….North Davidson HS, Davidson, NC (2014)

Hey Bill, This is Bill Butts, Joe’s dad. I want too thank you for all you've done for Joe. His confidence is very high, and I believe you had a lot too do with that. Keep working him hard. Thanks again.


From Kevin Lovett, father of Riley Lovett….10th grade QB , Green Sea HS, SC (2014)

Riley got his first start as the Varsity QB last week (October 24, 2014) against the # 3 team in the 1A state rankings; only a sophomore. I was very proud of him. He was not intimidated. He only passed twice; one interception and one dropped TD pass. He had several good runs. Tonight, he should be more comfortable. Play a team more comparable to us. You have helped him with confidence.


From Kevin Shortridge, father of  Brennan Shortridge…..8th Grade QB (2014), will track to Jack Britt HS, Fayetteville, NC for 2015….trains with Coach Bill Renner

Quick update on Brennan:

He really made progress with his drops and it showed on Thursday.  He stayed in the pocket and made great reads.  He went 9-11 for 191 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He can’t wait for Sunday and continues to work on your drills.


About Clay Vick……11th grade QB at Leesville Road HS, Raleigh NC (2014)…..trains with Coach Bill Renner

Leesville Road scored the game’s final 20 points on Monday night to defeat Sanderson 41-19 in a Cap Eight 4A high school football game.

Several games were suspended or postponed on Friday because of high winds and lightning.

Sanderson (1-6, 0-3) struck first after play was resumed with less than a minute left in the third quarter and Leesville Road leading 21-13. Cole Nigro blocked a Leesville Road to set up a seven-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Jeremiah Bellissimo to D.J. Ward.

Leesville Road (4-3, 2-1) answered with a 52-yard touchdown pass from Clay Vick to Connor Eller. Nigro blocked the extra-point attempt and the score remained 27-19.

Vick, a junior, threw a pair of touchdown passes on Friday before the game was suspended by the weather. He finished 15-for-23 passing for 322 yards and three touchdowns.

Read more here:


From Walker Allen…..Kicker, Altavista HS…..11th grade….Altavista, VA (2014)

Coach Renner,

Sorry for the late reply but I have been very busy with school work and football. The season started out a little rough for me, missing three extra points and a 36 yard field goal. However, I forced myself to think more about my form and ball flight control and I quickly saw an improvement. In the past two games I have been perfect on all my kicks, going 12 for 12 on extra points and making a 29 yard field goal. I really appreciate all your help and advice, for it has really made a difference in improving my kicking ability. The kicking workout you created for me is wonderful, and I can certainly see the improvements I am making from the first 2-a-day practice to the 5th week into football season. Thanks again for the weight lifting workout.  Again I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me and want to thank you for making me a better kicker.


Walker Allen


From Kevin Shortridge…..Father of Brennan Shortridge, 8th grade QB….Jack Britt HS feeder middle school….Fayetteville, NC (2014)

Thank you again for working with him.  He responded really well to your coaching style and was already critiquing himself over breakfast this morning while watching your uploaded videos.  We appreciate your enthusiasm and knowledge.  It is very refreshing to see this as I wish every child could have an experience with a coach so passionate.  We look forward to our next session and to see where he can go from here!


From Dean Houpe…..Father of Tate Houpe, Sophomore, QB/K…..East Rowan HS, Salisbury, NC (2014)

Coach Renner, Tate had a game winning 87 yard TD pass last Thursday night against Cox Mill. I tweeted it to you, but didn’t know if you saw. Hope you're well.



From Chuck Albrecht….Father of Connor Albrecht, Senior, K…..Chapel Hill HS, Chapel Hill, NC (2014)

Connor is the News and Observer Scholar-Athlete of the Week


From Fred Schmid….Father of Jack Schmid, Sophomore, QB….Orange HS, Hillsborough, NC (2014)

Jack went 8-13 last night, 165 yards, 3 TD passes, 1 int.  We won 42 to 0.  Jack came out midway through the 3rd quarter and is making some headway as a result of training with you.  I am very happy with his progress and his response to your coaching.  Thanks for your help.


From The Jones….Grandparents of Amir Jones, Freshman, K, ….Hillside HS, Durham, NC (2014)

Coach, Amir scored his first point as a football player Friday night against Southern High, we never knew that watching a PAT could be so exciting (smile). He also almost pinned Southern on the 6 yard line on a kick-off. Now we are waiting for his first field goal attempt. Thanks, for working with him, we believe that you prepared him to become a really good kicker. We hope that you will work with him in the future.


From Dean Houpe,…Father of Tate Houpe, Sophomore, QB ….East Rowan, Salisbury, NC (2014):

Tate and East Rowan won there first JV game last night against county rival North Rowan 22 - 20. Tate didn’t put up big numbers, but he really demonstrated leadership and played with confidence and poise. He was “very” accurate with his passes and managed the game very well. The two incompletions were catchable balls. Tate was 4 - 4 for passes on an 80 yard scoring drive including the 23 yard TD pass. Here are his stats: Pass Attempts: 7 Pass Completions: 5 Pass Yards: 60 Pass TD: 1 Punts: 4 1 - 35 yards 2 - 40 yards 3 - 43 yards 4 - 43 yards 40.25 avg. Extra Points/FG: 1 - blocked Can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve done with Tate and feel like this is a solid start. He will dress tonight for the varsity game, but likely will not play unless absolutely needed. Will keep you informed of his progress.


From Alice Miller… Mother of Will Miller, Freshman WR… Panther Creek HS, NC (2014):

Hey Coach Renner,

Just wanted to let you know that Will made the JV team at Panther Creek. We are excited for a the football season.

Hopefully, he can keep up his skills next Spring with you!  Thank you for all you did for him during the receiver camp this summer.

From Coach Mike O’Shea… Special Teams Coach… Toronto Argonauts (2011):

“Not just your time and expertise but your passion have without a doubt provided the spark needed for us to be very successful. We are truly grateful.”


From Robert S. Roche…NFL Contract Advisor (2010):

“Coach Renner’s training regime has been instrumental in the skill development of my clients being able to improve themselves and transition from college football and prepare them for the NFL. I highly recommend any prospective punter or kicker to use Coach Renner’s innovative training program as soon as possible to maximize their potential and to train like a pro.”


From Jeremy Kapinos (2010):

“Since my days of playing for Coach Renner in high school I have adhered to his training regime and the techniques he teaches.  His workout programs have been able to advance my ability as I’ve gone from a starting punter in college, Penn State, to a professional punter in the NFL.  His training routines have the unique ability to demand the best from you physically and mentally.  They never allow you to be satisfied with your performance but keep demanding excellence from you.  His training programs will truly help you reach your full potential and more.” Jeremy Kapinos NFL Punter West Springfield HS 2002 New York Jets 2007 Green Bay Packers 2008-2009 Pittsburgh Steelers  2010  and Super Bowl XLV


From Harry Baumann (2010):

“Wil started working with Coach Renner in February of 2010.  Coach Renner’s training regime helped Will develop the consistency and knowledge of the mechanics he needed to reach the next level of performance.  His workout routine is specific, easy to follow and directly relates to what a player needs to do to be his best.” Harry Baumann Father of Wil Baumann, Punter, Hoggard HS, Wilmington, NC 2011 Scholarship Commitment to NC State

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