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Why BRf training?

BRF Training Programs

BRF Training programs can help any player develop their talent and any coach understand how to teach the skill better.

These training programs are unique because they have been honed from coaching and training athletes who were active team members. This means that if the training program did not work the player would not be able to get on the field to play or even make a team.

It also means that the techniques they used were necessary for them to be able to perform well so that their team could win….and their team’s won. In fact, numerous players earned local and national post-season honors as a result of their performance and the team’s winning.

Consequently, these training programs have been tried and tested through actual practice and game conditions and have produced elite level performers. These programs are not speculative, they produce results.

The Importance of a Training Program

A training program is the number one factor in determining athletic success, not talent. Everyone has some talent. A well-designed training program is the key to unlocking, developing, improving and maximizing talent. A well-designed training program includes:

* doing the right drills to develop the desired skills
* doing the right drills with the necessary intensity and passion
* learning the right techniques of the skill to be able to fix mistakes
* learning the right techniques of the skill to enable mastery of performance
* having an appropriate and specific training progression that will transfer the skills to game performance
* having a skilled coach monitor this process

All athletic skills have specific techniques that must be performed in order to be successful. Bill Renner Football provides you with those specific techniques, the right drills to train them and a comprehensive year round daily training program to follow.

Why Is Potential Not Realized

Over the past 25+ years of coaching and training high school, college and pro athletes, lack of training repetitions is the number one reason I have observed as to why an athlete did not achieve their full potential. Often times the athlete sincerely believes they are doing enough repetitions until they are educated as to how many repetitions *the body needs to be able to master a skill well enough to repeat it at the level they aspire to.

Research shows that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate or deep practice to reach a level of mastery that will enable you to become a top level performer in your field. So, if you practiced 6 days a week for 2 hours a day for 52 weeks that would get you only 624 hours in one year!

This also assumes you are doing the right drills with the right techniques to produce the desired skill because “skill is insulation that wraps neural circuits and grows according to certain signals.” If the drills and techniques are not right then you will not get the desired skill and you would have to subtract practice hours. This illustrates the importance of having the right training program.

Qualifications of BRF Training Programs

With a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, 25+ years coaching and training athletes at all levels and a passion that has led to reading and studying the research on training and coaching elite athletes for the past 20+ years, Coach Bill Renner presents training programs for the athlete with a passion to be the BEST!

If you commit to doing one of the training programs you will experience a level of training and results that will challenge the passion within you to aspire to a higher level of performance and challenge your commitment to yourself to be your best.

* Your body codes a specific neural circuit with the exact movement that you do. It coats that specific neural circuit movement with a myelin sheath that enables your mind and body to repeat that movement with greater efficiency and speed. The degree of efficiency and speed are dependent on how precise and how often the training has been performed to elicit the desired level of the skill. And, if you practice the wrong skill movements your body will produce wrong skill movements and your skill level will not improve.

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