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1- Day middle school


throwing Mechanics class


Learn Proper Throwing Mechanics 

and a Specific Throwing Mechanics Drill Routine

with Coach Bill Renner

 Training Site:   

Lufkin Middle School

1002 Lufkin Road, Apex, NC

4 intense sessions of Quarterback Mechanics and Skills…..


2 hours of learning Quarterback throwing mechanics

that helped develop two Elite 11 High School QB’s

and 4 straight D1 Quarterbacks from Coach Renner’s teams!


  • Learn the proper throwing mechanics with towel drills without the ball

  • Learn throwing drills that enables you to control accuracy and velocity

  • Learn the footwork to be able to throw the football on time and in rhythm

  • Learn the pocket movement that will allow you to execute your team’s plays

  • Learn drills to develop and improve your hip and arm acceleration for better ball velocity and accuracy

  • Learn how to use your vision to throw to a target/person with great accuracy

  • Watch your training video after the session on your Hudl video account

Cost:   $150


Quarterback Handbook

QB Specific Daily Training Program


Class Dates/Times:

*for current 5th-8th grade Quarterbacks

Saturday March 30 from 12:30pm-2:30pm 

Class size is limited and expected to be full!**

To Register:        

call Coach Bill Renner at 703-582-6652

email Coach Bill Renner at

and request a spot in the class!


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