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punting individual instruction

When I work with an athlete I teach them a

drill training routine and a skill performance routine

that they will follow to develop the command of

the skill they need to be a successful game


 Through individual instruction I can give a punter a specific training routine that will hone the techniques he needs to control the ball height, distance and accuracy.

                                                     I give the athlete a daily training routine for as l                                                            long as I am working with them.  This way there is

                                                     no guessing by them as to what to do to improve. 

                                                     I also detail the techniques they need to work

                                                     on in the immediate future to improve.  I keep this

progression going until I get them to where they need to be to perform on command.

I videotape each session and post it to a Hudl video account I create for them as part of my Hudl account.  This allows them to review each session and learn the techniques and watch themselves improve.  I will also chart/test him at each session so he has a visual representation of his improvement and feedback to discern where he is in relationship to where we want him to be.

The cost for the first training session is $150 and lasts 1 1/2 hours.  Each individual training session after that is $100 per session and lasts 1 hour. 


This fee includes the on-the-field session, the daily training program, videotaping the workout, training a parent to be my assistant coach, and the HUDL video account.  This also includes 24-hour consultation time so if he is training on his own his own and has a question he can call, text or email me.

I work with some athletes weekly and others every other week, and some monthly.   I can do whatever fits your needs.

As an experienced coach there are 3 things I do for each athlete I train:

1)  I give them CONFIDENCE.

2)  I give them a VISION of their potential.

3)  I am patient with their PROGRESS.


To schedule an individual training session with Coach Renner

simply email him at or call him at 703-582-6652.

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