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Individual Training Sessions

I start all the Quarterbacks I work with on my QB Throwing Mechanics sessions. 

It is a 6 session progression where I teach them the mechanics of throwing a football for accuracy.

Within the 6 sessions, I cover all the QB specific pocket movements they need to know for making throws in the pocket and moving outside the pocket.  The emphasis in these 6 sessions is on throwing for accuracy.  If they are inaccurate they need to know what to do to correct it.  I give them this knowledge.

He will learn a specific drill routine for agility, dynamic flexibility, QB core stability, QB throwing progression and then 12 different pocket movements he will need to respond to different defensive alignment or blitz pressure.


I provide each Quarterback with a QB technique

handbook and with a HUDL video account to which

I upload each session’s video for them to review.

I also write and provide a detailed daily

workout/throwing program on exactly what drills

to do daily to improve.



Including in this training packet is a QB specific lifting and sprinting routine. 

At the end of each session is when I go over a monthly training calendar to provide that input.


I give each Quarterback access to my QB drill video library to see the proper QB techniques I teach and to see the proper QB techniques used in a game.

I also offer consultation access to me if a quarterback is having a problem when he is training on his own in between our sessions.  

The fee is $150 per training session and includes all the previously mentioned items. Each session lasts 1 ½ hours, so please a lot for 1 ½ hours. Your son will also receive a t-shirt and a QB stride stick to monitor his stride during the drills.








I also ask that you come with your son to the sessions.  Since you might be doing his throwing workouts with him in between my training sessions, I will train you to know how to coach the drill routine and what techniques to look for in each drill.  This will allow you to coach your son and be my “assistant coach” in between our training sessions.

So, I will coach your son to be a quarterback and train you to be a quarterback coach.  As an experienced coach there are 3 things I do for each athlete I train:

1)  I give them CONFIDENCE.

2)  I give them a VISION of their potential.

3)  I am patient with their PROGRESS.

This focus along with the drills I use to develop QB techniques will allow the athlete to reach his full potential.

Workout Training Programs

Individual training sessions are scheduled to fit your needs.

They include:

  • Once a week training session

  • Every other week training session

  • Once a month training session

  • Every other month training session

  • ALL instruction packages come with an individualized daily training program between training sessions

Payment and Rescheduling

Payment for each training session is due at the time of instruction.

A scheduled training session can be rescheduled only in the event of an emergency.

For more information or to secure an individual training session with Coach Renner contact him at:

cell: 703-582-6652

“I will encourage your dreams and ignite your passion to be your best.”


Coach Bill Renner

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