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Quarterback Throwing Mechanics TEST

List the QB Core Stability Drills in order.


2. _______________________________






2. The Wall Drill works on transferring energy in a smooth, linear movement from your _______________ to your _________________.

3. The Hips Throw Drill is the first drill in the QB __________________ (2 words)

4. At ball release, your non-throwing arm elbow should be pointing at your __________.

5. When you step to throw your front foot should step __________ the target line.

6. If a QB leans just before he releases the football the ball comes out early and flies too ______________.

7. If a QB rotates his front shoulder too far around his body, the football flies in a _____________ to ____________ flight pattern.

8. Your head should finish inside your _________________ after you release the ball so your posture is right at ball release.

9. The Shield Test is a test for throwing ____________________.

10. Rapid Fire is a drill that emphasis a QB’s ability to handle an _________________ (2 words)

11. Wide Base Drill is used when the _____________________ _______________ (2 words) are rushing up the field in your throwing lane.

12. When the defensive ends (5 techniques) are running hard to your top of the drop point and it is 3rd and short, you must do _______________ – _________________ (2 words) drill to avoid them from sacking you.

13. When you hit the top of your drop and the receiver falls down, ran the wrong route or something not in rhythm has happened you will do ______________ drill to sit in the pocket and find another receiver.

14. Walk Away is a drill that teaches you to ____________-____-_____________ (3 words) and drive off your back foot to the target.

15. If all the rushers are running up the field you will use _____________- _______________ (2 words) drill to move up in the pocket to throw.

16. The QB Shuttle Run drill is designed to work on throwing on the ____________.

17. Avoid Reset drill is used when you can see that all the rushers have rushed ___________________ and you have to escape the pocket.

18. QB Pro Agility is a __________________________ drill.

19. In doing the 3-step Wide Base Top of the Drop drill the first step is at _____________ o’clock, the second step is a ______________________ step and the third step is offset to a wide base position.

20. List the 4 Core QB Throwing Progression drills in order:

1. _______________________________

2. _______________________________



21. In Play Action Technique you pull the ball into your belly and open to ________________ o’clock when rolling to your left and ________________ o’clock when rolling to your right.

22. In throwing a slant you should use a __________-step drop.

23. Circle Drill teaches you to __________________ where the receivers are.

24. When you do Crossover Balance drill in the throwing progression you need to hit your back foot and ______________ as quickly as possible to get your ___________________ _______________ (2 words) down and rotate to throw quickly.

25. Get-It-Out-of-Your-Hand drill works on a 1-step quick release for throwing ___________________ and ______________ screens.

RELEASE Position




1.Elbow UP and OUT at ______________ angle

  1. Insures tricep is engaged “loaded” and will fire “contract” 


2.  ________ ________ tucked to body

  1. Stabilizes non-throwing side

  2. Elbow points at front knee 


3. _________ Eyes

  1. Look at a small spot, chest, “You hit what you look at”


4. Hand inside the _________ with ball in finger tips

  1. Allows tricep to extend and fingers to pronate for spin velocity


5. Elbow above the ______________ _________

  1. Puts the shoulder muscles in optimum position to work; injury protection


6. _________ _________ facing the target

  1. Insures the back hip has fully rotated to drive kinetic throwing chain

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