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2020 high school

Spring Quarterback

Game Skills Class


Throwing to Receivers and Learning Defenses

with Coach Bill Renner

 Training Site:   

Herndon Park - Small Turf Field

511 Scott King Rd, Durham

4 intense sessions of Quarterback Game Skills…..


2 hours each session, 8 total hours, of learning Quarterback play

that helped develop two Elite 11 High School QB’s

and 4 straight D1 Quarterbacks from Coach Renner’s teams!



  • Learn to throw routes “On-Time and In-Rhythm” with Receivers

  • Learn the proper QB footwork for short routes: slant, out, hitch, fade, whip

  • Learn the proper QB footwork for long routes: post, corner, in, dig, comeback

  • Learn to throw combination routes reading a Linebacker

  • Learn to throw a 1-on-1 route reading a Defensive Back’s coverage

  • Learn to read a Linebackers coverage techniques

  • Learn to read a Defensive Backs coverage techniques

  • Learn to throw vs Zone Coverage

  • Learn to throw vs Man-to-Man Coverage

  • Learn to throw vs Linebacker blitzing from 2nd level

  • Learn to throw vs Linebacker blitzing from the LOS (line of scrimmage)

  • QB SKILLS COMPETITION at end of each training session!


Cost:        $475

Includes:             4 Quarterback Skill training sessions

QB Skills Playbook*


* this details reading defenses,

throwing vs secondary coverage techniques, and more

*bring 2-3 receivers from your own school to throw to……FREE


Class Dates/Times:

*for current 9th-12th grade Quarterbacks

Sunday’s  March 29, April 5, 19, 26 from 2:30pm-4:30pm 

Class size is limited and expected to be full!**

**This allows each QB to get maximum route throwing reps without too many reps on their arm.**


To Register:        

call Coach Bill Renner at 703-582-6652

email Coach Bill Renner at

and request a spot in the class!


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