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Quarterback Throwing Mechanics
Technique analysis via Video

Coach Renner can do a technique analysis of your throwing mechanics using a web site/software called Power Chalk.  

He will remotely analyze and telestrate your throwing mechanics with diagrams and voiceovers using a platform called Power Chalk


The Power Chalk platform is free for us to use to analyze your video.  But you must have a Power Chalk account.  Just go to to sign up for an account. 


Here is how:


1)  When you get to the Power Chalk home page hit the “Free Sign Up” words in the

     bottom right corner of the page. It will take you to a page to fill-out your information

     and set up an account. 


2)  Then upload the Power Chalk app to your phone or ipad.  Once you do this you can

     video yourself using your phone or ipad camera and then upload it to your Power

      Chalk locker.


3)  When it is in your locker, share it with me to my Power Chalk locker and then

      text or email me to let me know you have done this.


4)  I will review and telestrate, draw and talk, over the video and send it back to you.

If you choose to have your throwing mechanics videos analyzed by Coach Renner, you will do his 4 Drill QB Throwing Progression for the analysis.  They are:


1) Hips Throw

2) Step Hips Throw

3) Crossover Balance

4) Crossover Balance Hitch


You can see how to do these drills by going to the Training Videos tab on the tool bar above.  Then select the Quarterback Videos tab and scroll down to the QB Throwing Progression and select the youtube video link

Video one of each drill on your iphone or ipad.  Then upload it to your Power Chalk account and share it with me.  You can upload your videos on your iphone/ipad using the Power Chalk app.  But, to share it with me you have to use a computer and the web site version of Power Chalk.

This is the cost and procedures for the evaluation:

$125 - for telestrated video with a follow-up Zoom meeting with Coach Renner

Payment is due prior to Coach Renner analyzing your video using his Venmo account which is @Bill-Renner-3

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Coach Renner at or 703-582-6652.

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