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Wide receiver individual instruction

I will teach him wide receiver specific drill sequences for footwork, route running, stationary catches, movement catches and run blocking.  Each of which he will learn to do his own or with you working with him. He will get a wide receiver handbook that details wide receiver techniques, has motivational sayings and a drill training regime he can use to train on his own when he does not have a session with me.









I will also write a daily wide receiver training routine for as long as I am working with him.  This way there is no guessing on what he needs to do to improve.  I also detail the techniques they need to work on in the immediate future to improve.  I will videotape each session and post it to a Hudl video account which I will create for him as part of my Hudl account.  This allows him to review each session and learn the techniques and watch himself improve.

In addition, I would like you to attend any session we might have so I can teach you how to coach each drill.  Thus, you will become my assistant coach so when you work with him you can coach him on the right techniques to do for each drill sequence.









The cost for the first training session is $150 and lasts 1 1/2 hours.  Each individual training session after that is $100 per session and lasts 1 hour. 


This fee includes the on-the-field session, the daily training program, videotaping the workout, training a parent to be my assistant coach, and the HUDL video account.  This also includes 24-hour consultation time so if he is training on his own his own and has a question he can call, text or email me.

As an experienced coach there are 3 things I do for each athlete I train:

1)  I give them CONFIDENCE.

2)  I give them a VISION of their potential.

3)  I am patient with their PROGRESS.

I work with some athletes weekly and others every other week, and some monthly.   I can do whatever fits your needs.

If you would like to setup an individual training session with Coach Renner email him at or call him at 703-582-6652.

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